Why Javascript frameworks are important

Last updated : Jul 04, 2021

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In this article you will to know about why Javascript frameworks are so important nowadays. Learning javascript frameworks such as React, Angular, Ember and many more is really fascinating nowadays and in demand too. So why not blend the fascination with some knowledge and get ready for upcoming demand and earn.

  • What is a framework

    A framework in simpler words is actually a set of tools and libraries which are pre built by some programmers for easing the task of development of web software. Even an individual with deep knowledge of programming can write these libraries and can create a framework of his/her own.

    A framework can be built in any technology but most of the frameworks are built in C or C++ because no other programming language can beat them in speed and when we are talking about web, we all want speed. Now a framework can be used for fontend and backend as well.

  • Some of the well know frameworks are;

    # Name Built in Used for
    1 Node C, C++, Javascript Back end
    2 Next Javascript Back end
    3 Meteor Javascript Back end
    3 Nest Typescript, Express based Back end
    4 Angular Typescript Front end
    5 React Javascript Front end
    6 Ember Typecript Front end
  • Advantages of Javascript framework:

    • Makes your programming faster

    • Gives your program a good directory structure

    • You have controllers, views and models file separated so that you are not confused while programming

    • You have enough database systems to connect

    • Good community

    • They give you a less bundle size

    • At the end you have good quality sharable code

  • Disadvantages of Javascript framework:

    • According to me, only limitation of Javascript frameworks is that they are not much SEO friendly

  • Why Javascript framework is important and why you need to know atleast 2, one for front end and 1 for back end.

    The simple answer to this question is because Javascript is everywhere. Javascript was not so popular in 90s but the updated versions of ECMA script and with the advent of such great frameworks, Javascript became so popular.

So if you are a beginner and want a good career in Javascript you can move ahead with confidence and can learn as many frameworks as you can. These are my views about Javascript frameworks but it's the individual's choice to opt or not to opt them. But if you want to move ahead with Javascript, then stay tuned because this website's blog will bring you some amazing tricks of common programming problems and Javascript basics.

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